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 In June of 2015, my wife and I began the remodel of our home's kitchen. After its completion two months later, the project turned out just as we had hoped. 


Everything was just about perfect, accept for one small detail: it needed a new wall clock. A clock moderately-sized, non-ticking, visually striking, and most importantly, one that would satisfy our longstanding preference for minimalism design.


After searching online, as well as several local design stores in and around

Minneapolis, we simply weren't able to find the 'just-right' clock we were looking for.

Ever the do-it-yourselfer, I decided to try and design one myself. 


After sourcing all of the necessary component parts, I fashioned a minimalist-styled

wall clock with no dial graphics, slender hands, a sleek outer frame, and a

non-ticking quartz movement that was completely silent.


That 'kitchen' clock –– which we later named NADA –– turned out to be the inspiration to design and create several more clocks.  And with that, JONSSON Timeware was born.

Our mission upon opening shop in late 2015, was to create and market a line of analog wall clocks that were well-designed, thoughtfully manufactured, and affordably priced.


We wanted them to be classically modern, graphically engaging, and made with premium components. We wanted them to be as dependable as they were beautiful, each one imbued with the look and feel of a well-crafted instrument.   


Today, that same desire for quality is again reflected in our 2022 Collection ––

a balanced mix of minimalism, performance, and tradition.

If you like what you see, please share with others. If you don't, and have

a suggestion to help us improve our products, by all means, reach out

and let me know what you think. I'd love hearing from you!

Be well. And thanks so much for visiting!

Michael Jonsson, Founder

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